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Have You Met...? Monday (# 3): Sonya Lea

... Sonya Lea

When you're any kind of artist, every so often you come across someone who is so faithful and meticulously skilled at their craft that you have no choice but to at least momentarily ask yourself what the hell you're doing trying to call yourself an artist. Sonya was that person to me. She's absolutely, simply, and non-hyperbolically a fantastic writer, and, in addition to that, a wonderful person. Her focus currently is in screenplays, but her writing in all mediums is... well, is breathtaking a hyperbole? Probably. But it still fits, so I'm standing by it.

We crossed paths a few years ago, and I was introduced to her story, which I won't share here so much as direct you to her site so you can learn about it from her own words. Simply put, Sonya does with words what a ballet dancer does with the laws of gravity. For you fellow writers out there, you are no doubt familiar with the old advice of "write what you know" - well, Sonya has taken that to a fantastic level, having culled the depth and breadth of her own deeply personal adventures and challenges into brilliant and living writings.

Also, she's involved with a fantastic crowdsourced project that you should look into. It wraps up on June 19th, so waste no moment more! Go! Go!