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Free! Free, I tell you!

So, one of the great things about having digital books as an available format is that they don't take up any space in a warehouse and cost next to nothing to distribute. And that gives authors a wonderful option of being able to practically give the darn things away as a promotional thing.

So this weekend - in light of it being father's day tomorrow and being about a week plus change from one of my many birthdays (I only have one each year, but I've still had a few of them so far), I've offered a couple of my books as FREE this weekend.

First up is Hollow, a short story from the "Into the Dust" collection I created with Miss Marvel herself, Kiri Callaghan. It's part of our Dark Fantasy Peter Pan series - this one is about Faeries. Yeah, that's right. Faeries. What are you still doing here? Click the darned thing!

The other is none other than Reaper's Return , a full novel I first wrote which started the whole Steampunk series, Chronicles of Aesirium. In this book, we first meet Rom, learn about Oldtown-Against-the-Wall and we discover some of the issues facing this small down of exiles in a world where they're just trying to survive. I can't help but look fondly on this book; it's where I first got to share that world with everyone, and most importantly, where I got introduce you all to Rom, Kari, Cousins and Mulligan. Oh, and it's the first appearance of Favo Carr himself, that rogue and charming bastard. If ever there were a nerfherder, that man was it. 

So, anyway, I know it's my birthday coming up, but I got you a little something. I know I shouldn't have, but that's probably why I did it. Enjoy!