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Tales of the Dead Man

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Set in Aerthos, the same world as discovered in the "Chronicles of Aesirium" books, "Steel & Sky" follows the adventures of mostly-reformed airship pirate Sjora Kahn'dyr as she is sent into the capital city of her people's enemies in order to steal an Isaad Morquith, or "dead man". Aided by her mentor, her ward, and her tiny animal companion, Sjora is desperate to find this dead man and learn why he is critical to the survival of their world. But, as important a part as he plays, will the dead man go along willingly?

The first of the "Tales of the Dead Man" trilogy, Steel & Sky introduces us to Sjora, a citizen of the Sky People. The Sky People live above one of the southern continents of Aerthos, kept safe in their floating citadels. Having embraced magic as much as the Steel Cities have embraced science, their people have prohibited the use and utilization of technical life, a fact which has made many of their people untrusting of Sjora, whose acceptance of science resulted in her living her life mostly outside of their borders. But her people reached out to her with a grave prediction: Aerthos is coming to an end. Some powerful force is extending its grasp to them and, for reasons they do not as yet know, only a dead man stands between them and utter destruction.

Having learned only that this dead man is to be found deep within Firnis Eld, capital of the Steel Cities, Sjora and her allies must sneak in, steal the dead man out from under his captors and make their way back home. But no plan is so simple that a crack may not derail their intentions. And so Sjora finds herself racing against the clock, hoping to secure this dead man and learn what role he plays in the potential destruction of her world. Will she find the answers she needs in time to save the world?

Steel & Sky is available through Doce Blant Publishing, or wherever fine books are sold.

The Tales of the Dead Man continue this series, in book two - "Sun & Stone":

Sjora and her crew have just managed to escape devastation, only to find themselves literally in an unknown land. Fearing pursuit by their enemies, they come across new mysteries and darker opposition, leading them to suspect the visions of the Song-Mistress are very close to coming true. All their adventures and struggles lead them right back to the heart of the Barony of the Steel Cities, to the inevitable confrontation that lies between their two peoples. Meanwhile, a darker threat grows among them. Will they discover its nature before it endangers them all?

Sun and Stone is available through Doce Blant Publishing’s Genre Punk imprint, or wherever lovely books such as these may be purchased.