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Pre Orders are Live!

Steel & Sky: Tales of the Dead Man, book one - is now available for pre-order! Swing on by THIS LINK to order a copy in either paperback or hardcover. Printing and shipping dates begin Friday, June 23rd - but you can order as soon as you like in order to get this novel in your hot little hands! After that, you should be able to either find it (or order it) in all bookstores, either online or brick and mortar. Also, I'm going to be starting to make in-store appearances, too - details to come as they lock these dates in - so I'll be there to sign copies or just chat about whatever happens to be on your mind. 

And if, going forward, you don't see your local town on the list, please let me know and I'll look into what our options might be for heading out your way. 

This is an exciting new step in my novels, so I'm really happy to share this! I hope you enjoy this new adventure with all the airships, pirates, angels of death, sandmen and giant robots I was legally allowed to cram into a single book!

(Spoiler alert: book two has EVEN MORE - but more on that soon!)

Special thanks to Marti and the wonderful folks at Doce Blant publishing, the extremely talented Fiona Jayde and KH Koehler, who brought this book up into the lovely form in which it now resides. 

More to come - things are starting to happen almost too quickly for me to keep up!