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Powers of Ten

Some of you may be old enough to remember that "powers of ten" movie that we got to watch in school. The basic gist of it is that the camera locks in on a couple enjoying a nice picnic in the middle of Chicago or someplace, and the frame contains a single square meter. It then begins panning back, until a new box locks in at 10 meters by ten meters. Continuing up so that each new factor of ten is encompassed in a matter of ten seconds - 100 sq. meters, 1000 sq meters, and so forth. Eventually, it gets to the outer edge of known space and the screen contains all recognized points of light in the cosmos, some billions or so of square meters. Then it speeds in and zooms in until it can perceive the most infinitesimally small parts of the atom. All going by factors of ten, up and down.

At its extreme, both perspectives can be truly inspirational. Seeing the whole of existing matter in a single glance; seeing the building blocks of matter - it's breathtaking to grasp for comprehension across that tremendous breadth of reality.

It's the point in the middle, however, that I find I occasionally become caught up in. Such has been the case.

I've been watching a few friends of mine come into their own these past couple of months - it's been long overdue for all of them, where they at last are receiving the attention and success they deserve. I've also been seeing some of my friends going through some terrible struggles. If I had my way, they'd all be getting the good successes and triumphs, but alas, it's not done that way. I've even come to the point where I just won't watch the news any longer - it's all either just celebrity gossip or attempts to empower a national shouting match - and the temptation has been to make me feel frustrated and impatient. These are not good sentiments for writing.

So I started meditating again this week. Just to clear my head, return to center, sort of a pleasant mental scraping of all the cerebral barnacles. And then last night, I had a dream about Favo, Sjora and the gang, right where I'd left off writing for Sun & Stone. So there we go.

TL;DR - it's on the home stretch (yes, still), but we're getting close to a wrap. Fear not.