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Writing Update - the home stretch!

Just a quick update for today - I'm all caught up from the data loss of last month, and I'm even a bit past that original chunk of the story. I'm now on to the final act, nearly all of which is action-based. Three major battles taking place, each with their own requirements and narrative arcs. The last chapter is the dessert - one which will be savored tenderly following this challenging novel. And then I've got to finish a couple different short stories as well as mark out the plotting for Book 3 of Tales of the Dead Man: Sea & Shadow. Plus, there will be a few rounds of edits, cover and interior design, and eventual publishing.

I'm sorry for the marked absence of "Have You Met...?" episodes. I've made a few new friends over the past months, however, so brace yourself for a prompt resumption to those fun posts.

Also, I've been getting peppered with new ideas for additional books. Apparently, either I'm writing or I'm coming across new ideas to be writing. The cycle never ends, and though I am emotionally required to be deeply grateful for that deepening well, there are times when the pile of "To Be Done" begins to block out the sun. Yeah, yeah, I know. What terrible problems I have!

Okay, back to work. Feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment. I know you guys are reading, but I'm always up for feedback!