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Have You Met...? Monday (#5): Carly Slater

This week's spotlight falls on another fantastic person I know - the indefatigable Carly Slater! 

I first met Carly through our mutual time working on staff for Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con, where she made a powerful impression on me. She's a great example of the kind of resolve and focus you have to have to make your way through a popular industry - determination, quick-thinking and strong elegance. As I've made my own way from college slacker to semi-professional professional, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that this is no easy feat. 

Her list of accomplishments and accolades are too long to mention here - so I'll direct you to explore her impressive credentials chronicled here. And for the more personal side of her, here's her website - - check it out. If you're curious to see the face of one of our next business leaders, she better be one of them. If not her, then hopefully her clone. 

In short - - if you need something done, if you need to find a networking connection, Carly should be the first person on your list. If she can't do it, she'll know someone who can. And if she doesn't already know someone who can, just give her a minute.