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Back to the Well

It's weird to believe it's already June. I know, there are a lot of reasons to point to - but it's definitely weird in that I completed my last book in February, and aside from a bunch of short stories, I haven't worked on a new novel since then. Four months, yikes.

Well, the new outline is completed and I've just done the first chapter + point five and I'm right back in that mindset that floods me with creative satisfaction. In short, good lord, I love writing.

There've been a few things that had been on my mind lately, mostly from watching the news and reading the internet. Things like Climate Change, gun violence, and corporate megalomania, mostly. You know, things that we could probably totally fix but we just somehow cannot manage to do so... and then I looked back into the story I'm writing. Which is about the world, resting on the edge of a blade, and only one dead man being at the center of that all-important final (?) moment.

So there I go, huh? Of course I'm worked up. Of course I'm filled with anxiety and frustration at a world that, for all intents and purposes, seems content to let things get worse and worse without lifting a finger to change it. We find ourselves rooted to the old ways without doing more than idly dreaming that there could be a way to make things better.

Of course, cosmos. I know. That's why I write books. For the stories. For the imagination. And also, for the possibility that people can dream bigger.

So I go back to the well. One bucket at a time, we nourish the fields. And one day, the good food will grow. Sounds a bit preachy, huh? Well, they're also fun stories. I promise: layers.

Thankfully, some of those old struggles and tales are immortal. Heroic quests from the dawn of time. Folklore, urban legends - even the classic old books dating back to ancient Greece, the Middle East, Asia - the big quests always start with an idea... and a single step.

Back to work for now. Thanks for reading!