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Have You Met... Monday (#4): Jenny Dantes

Today's post is for the fabulous Jenny Dantes! Ever meet those people in some random fashion and just realize that they're incredible, like in the first two seconds? Jenny is one of those people. If you've EVER met her, you know what I'm talking about. Also, she knows her sake - that alone is worth taking the time to get to know her. But, as the game show voice says, that's not all!

Jenny is an artist, whose focus is on nerdy pop culture. I'm a fan of nerdy pop culture in general, and in Jenny's case, she pretty much covers all my favorites. So, yes, I'm automatically a fan of her work anyway.

Go check her Inferno Creations Etsy site out if you're not local to the Pacific Northwest (or even if you are), and or also go check out her FaceBook page to see her schedule of appearances at local markets and more deets about the Amazing Dantes!